Dating creative person

During the video, a person in a gorilla costume wanders into centre stage, indulges in a little chest-beating, and then schleps off again. But why did some people experience inattentional blindness in this study when others didn’t? Roughly half of the 192 participants in the original study completely failed to see the costumed figure.As my marriage slowly and painfully disintegrated, my heart flooded to the paper or web, so to speak, and infiltrated my comedy routine. I'm pretty sure most doctors, nurses, teachers, janitors, computer techs, etc., etc., all expect to get paid for their work; yet somehow, a painting, piece of writing, photo, song, jingle, makeup artistry job, and other artistic endeavors are all supposed to be from the bottom of our good hearts.A bad date or boyfriend sucks for anyone, even an artist, but the highly creative person can make gold out of the crappiest situations.

Openness has been linked to aspects of mental illness, such as proneness to hallucination.The answer to this question came in a recent follow-up study showing that your susceptibility to inattentional blindness depends on your personality: open people are more likely to see the gorilla in the video clip.Once again, it seems that more visual information breaks through into conscious perception for people high in openness — they see the things that others screen out.It is characterised by curiosity, creativity and an interest in exploring new things.Open people tend to do well at tasks that test our ability to come up with creative ideas, such as imagining new uses for everyday objects like bricks, mugs or table tennis balls.